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the melodies to the songs you sing.

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This is a community for Kim Junsu and Jin Bora. ♥ Whether it be friendship, love, or anything at all, this is pertaining to the relationship between them. Any fanworks submitted here are fictional, and the relationships between any of the people in fanworks may be fictional as well.


  1. Post fanfiction, pictures, graphics, anything.

  2. Fanworks must have a rating. If your work contains any violent material or anything at all that merits a warning (rape, etc.), please put in a warning.

  3. Readers should be open to both heterosexual and homosexual relationships; it is okay to post fanworks with either of the two or both, as long as there is something pertaining to Junsu/Bora.

  4. Fanfiction should have a certain formatting.

  5. Know what an lj-cut is. Do not clog up f-lists.

  6. Follow the tagging system. Any entries that are not tagged properly will be deleted.

  7. Respect others. Flaming or trolling is not welcome. Plagarism is not tolerated.

  8. Any questions should be PMed to either one of the mods.

  9. Pimp it. >D